Clean Up Your Environmental Impact: 12 Tips To Reducing Waste

Convenience comes at a costly price, it is estimated that the average person generates between 0.5-2kg of trash per day. On a global scale this is a scary figure and one of the main reasons our planet is under stress. Some waste can of course be recycled, however the vast majority of our trash isContinue reading “Clean Up Your Environmental Impact: 12 Tips To Reducing Waste”

3 Delicious + Easy Plant Based Desserts

These recipes do not contain any obscure ingredients and can easily adapted to gluten free and sugar free PEANUT BUTTER ICECREAM CUPS I am a big ice-cream fan and these were so simple to make and a great reduced sugar option compared to commercial ice-cream. All you need is a food processor or blender. IngredientsContinue reading “3 Delicious + Easy Plant Based Desserts”

Sustainable Skin Care 5 DIY Face Masks

The following recipes are made from basic panty ingredients and suitable for all skin types. Containing no chemicals or animal products, these beauties are light on your pocket and the planet!  Coffee, Cocoa & Oat Face Mask: For Rejuvenating Skin 1 Tbsp ground coffee beans 1 Tbsp cocoa powder 1 Tbsp oats  A splash ofContinue reading “Sustainable Skin Care 5 DIY Face Masks”

What’s the deal with H.I.I.T training?

High Intensity Interval training has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to its time efficient structure and fast acting benefits. H.I.I.T comes in many forms and has been adopted by fitness facilities and trainers all over the world. However H.I.I.T is not a new concept, athletes have been using interval training forContinue reading “What’s the deal with H.I.I.T training?”

Grocery Shopping Waste Free

Like any 20 something year old I never used to pay much attention to what packaging was going into my shopping basket. A loaf of bread, a packet of noodles, shampoo, another bloody pepper grinder.. the list goes on and unfortunately there will always be plastic that the mere mortal cannot escape. Over the lastContinue reading “Grocery Shopping Waste Free”