How to Help the Environment During Self Isolation

As businesses’ close, the roads empty and we retreat indoors, we search for something to fill our days and purpose. Nature will always be accessible and offer a place of peace and tranquillity, so why not help it out. Over the next few weeks or months is the perfect opportunity to work on self-sustainability and reducing your environmental impact. Some ideas below:

  • Start composting.
  • Grow your own produce and plant some flowers for insects (bee’s dig lavender).
  • Walk or ride to your destinations.
  • Go for an adventure; bring a plastic bag and pair of gloves with you to pick up trash along the way.
  • Learn to cook a few plant based recipes.
  • Make your own cleaning products; vinegar, lemon and bicarb can clean just about anything.
  • Reduce your plastic use by stocking up on staples at bulk foods stores; no can limits with beans here.
  • Invest in re-usable and eco-friendly household items such as soap berries instead of laundry liquid and biodegradable cloths and scrubbers. Those items and plenty more available at

While this pandemic may be a pause on your life and career it is a time for us to reconnect to our roots and honour what is truly important to us. 

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